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You Love Looking Up my Skirt Pervert

 A few nights ago, I went to a wine event hosted at a friends house.  It was coed, and there were a lot of husbands there with the wives.  You can imagine the sneers Goddess received since I was scantily clad in a strapless top, zebra print mini skirt; hair pulled into a bun and my four-inch heels.  *wink*

I guess you could say I made them realize how they had let themselves go, which of course is always a shame. I don’t think walking around in mom shirts, and 10-year-old jeans are boner inducing..sigh.   A young dirty minded cock tease, strutting around eye fucking husbands who would probably die at the opportunity to lick my sweet ass is the ticket.  *giggle*  What also amused me was the fact I was sitting on the terrace with my legs crossed, listening to my girlfriend ramble on about this new guy she was dating.  There was a much older pervert (all men are pervs), standing across the way, with his eyes peering between my pretty legs.  I began crossing and uncrossing them, intentionally…knowing he would eventually get a little jolt of happy in his cock!  I’m so bad can’t you tell?

There is always a jerk off addict wanting to look under a hot babes skirt.  As an afterthought, I should never wear panties anyhow.  Oh, my sweet shaved flower peeking between my thighs would sure get me whatever I want from him now, wouldn’t it?  I’d have him giving me all my hearts desire while jerking his cock in my high heels then forcing him to lick them clean.  Evil, but YOU like it I’m sure.

Do you ever stare at women’s asses, feet, looking under their skirts or get aroused if you notice their nipples harden in an air-conditioned building?


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4 comments to You Love Looking Up my Skirt Pervert

  • You are such a sexy little vixen Ms. Carrington! Your story reminds of that iconic scene in Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone is being interrogated and she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs in front of the detectives…and of course she is going commando so each time you get just the faintest glimpse of sweet pussy! I remember the look on the face of those detectives – probably much like your old pervert!!

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