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Food for Thought…

Never be ashamed of what you love….

Embrace the things that make your spine tingle….

Admire the woman who is your sexy confidante.  She is the reason you feel a bit of complete.

Always allow yourself to succumb to your dirty fantasies.  Keeping them bottled up is denying you the ultimate orgasm. (if you’re . . . → Read More: Food for Thought…

Learning to Like Cum Eating

Women seem to always be more in tune with themselves sexually.  I will add though, this applies to how we indulge in our sexy desires.  Masturbating or masturbating for someone else, seems to be a common thing for ladies to enjoy. I personally love being watched until I orgasm- by a lucky gent of . . . → Read More: Learning to Like Cum Eating

Turning Your Wife into a Lesbian

Throughout your “jackoff career” you’ve probably stroked to several dirty fantasies right?  Porn is great, but there is nothing more gratifying than a hot and sexy mental scenario to blow your load. My personal favorite fantasies are the kind that tend to be a tad bit humiliating but extraordinarily erotic.  It could be forcing . . . → Read More: Turning Your Wife into a Lesbian