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  • Hi carrie would love to get some forced bi audios or some stories about being at the gym & eyeing up a few really hung guys.Then getting my manhole stretched along with my mouty :))))))

  • Brian

    Hi princess Carrie I love wearing panties I have been wearing panties for a long time.I love the way they feel on my cock and balls they are so soft I got rid of all my male underwear and replaced them with new panties.I love all the pretty colors and yes they are all very girly panties no granny panties.I have worn panties in front of women many times I have more panties then most women do. I go out to the store an buy my panties I don’t buy online much I like the looks that I get from the ladies when I am looking at panties most of them smile I think they know I am wearing panties after all I am in the womens section.I love it when the sales girls/women tell me to enjoy my panties I say thank you I will they smile when I pickup my panties and walk out.Thats all for now princess carrie your panty boy Brian

  • sissy donna

    Mistress Carrington,
    I loved to wear panties ever since my older brother put a dirty pair of moms panties on me from the hamper. That moment looking in the mirror at me wearing her pretty pink panties, I think I became a sissy! He said that I looked very pretty and all the boys in school are going to like me a lot!
    sissy donna

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