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The Hitchhiker

Being a truck driver is a lonely job.  It’s always just, me, the road and my CB radio.  You can imagine how my wife feels though.  A few days a week, I hear her rave how lonely she is.  The irony is that while I understand, I actually like the distance.  Being home only . . . → Read More: The Hitchhiker

Hello My Fetish Darlings!

*blows dust bunnies*


Hey guys!

My goodness have you all missed me as much as I have missed you?

Princess has been away but is now ready to play again.  In case you forgot I enjoy

Sissy Girls



. . . → Read More: Hello My Fetish Darlings!

Your Love of Panties Began When???

I can be pretty random at times which falls in line with my witty personality!  I have a question for crossdressers and sissy girls alike:

When did your love of panties begin?

At what point did the soft feel of satin against your balls stir something inside you?

I can’t wait to see your . . . → Read More: Your Love of Panties Began When???

Sexting With Princess Carrie


When I lived with my parents, they were very nosey, so I found creative ways to chat with submissive “admirers.”  They were older than me and loved being useful to their bossy brat! Older men fantasize about me seducing their MILF wives and becoming their key holder.  Oh, you didn’t know?  I love being a key holding Mistress to . . . → Read More: Sexting With Princess Carrie

I’m back…finally!!

After being sick with the flu for a month, I am FINALLY available for appointments and during my regular schedule.  The weather in the Midwest has been the perfect recipe for illness this year.  Yikes!


I have a lot to catch up on so look out for new blog posts on my websites . . . → Read More: I’m back…finally!!

Introducing…Love, Carrie

Love Carrie is something that happened by accident via twitter.  I look at things from a very sarcastic yet understanding point of view, if that makes sense.  MY personality isn’t easy to pinpoint, but it is always consistent.


Once a week I will answer an email from a fetish boy who is having . . . → Read More: Introducing…Love, Carrie


I remember the first time I found out what masturbation was.  The concept for me at the time was rubbing my virgin clit gently until the friction caused waves of explosion through my entire body.  I remember the faint lightheadness and the “omg” expression after.  I was hooked.  From then on I wanted to . . . → Read More: Masturbation

If I Told You….

I wanted to kidnap you….


Put you in panties….


suck my lovers HUGE c o c k?


Lick the bottom of my feet


shrink you so I could swallow you whole


place you over my lap for a stern hair brush spanking


taught you how to be a . . . → Read More: If I Told You….

When Did You Start Wearing Girly Garments?

 You like my panties?  Cute right?  I figured since the year is coming to a close I would give you a treat!

I want to know something though.  When did you start wearing panties?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be panties either.  Perhaps you like stockings, high heels, or even ladies clothing.  One thing . . . → Read More: When Did You Start Wearing Girly Garments?

Your Cock is Small: Do Something about it!

I was talking to a few girlfriends over the holiday about our male conquests.  What made me laugh to the point of a splitting headache was my bff recalling how she dumped her ex boyfriend because his cock was small.  The fact she sipped her wine, casually talking about his inadequacy, had us all . . . → Read More: Your Cock is Small: Do Something about it!