Carrington (25)My ass makes your cock hard.  You keep staring at it, massaging the growing bulge in your pants.  My smile taunts you a little, and you wonder if it’s because I think you are  a pervert or I like the idea of you getting excited looking at me.  Long dark hair, slender waist and big bright eyes…… .mmmm.  Once you decide to get one off, it crosses your mind that it’s a much better orgasm when I am controlling when you ejaculate.  So you call.

Controlling Your Orgasm is A Turn on

When I have sex, I am very dominant in bed.  Sometimes I even tell a guy which way I want my legs spread, how to stroke my sweet kitten or if I want to sit on his face or have him lick me missionary style.  The one constant is that I am in total control of my satisfaction.  Not only that, but with each tremble of his cock I am controlling his orgasm.  There is no fun in having you cum when YOU feel like it.  Your cock is mines the second you say hello.  I will have you ache and beg for release but getting me to say yes to your cum won’t be easy.  Plus, I will dictate how and WHERE you cum.  Controlling when you ejaculate is a total turn on.  Having your satisfaction in the palm of my hand to edge, tease, and deny you.

Where You Ejaculate

The build up and excitement makes for a satisfying grand finale. Ejaculation is the ultimate goal, but more importantly edging, teasing, denying helps in shooting a hard and far load if you catch my drift.  Imagine spending an hour or so having your ejaculation controlled?  The intensity will motivate you to do whatever I say short of eating your own cum.  Just whose to say it can’t happen though?  Shooting your load at my command on your face, in a coffee cup or a pair or panties that you pilfered makes for a great seduction.  Your cock will become my play thing to torture and tease into complete submission.

What Makes a Great Orgasm and Edging Control Call?

  1. Me
  2. Your Cock
  3. Me teasing what is now MY cock
  4. Denying you
  5. Torturing your Desires
  6. Denying you.