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Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

The irony of most men are the dirty secrets they keep to themselves.  You masturbate thinking of sinful things that you know people will judge you for.  I suppose the enjoyable part of phone sex is the anonymity.  I welcome fetish addicts to contact me with their most private thoughts and offer an excellent understanding of how to achieve maximum sexual gratification.  Such as, many of you love the idea of being a cuckold.  Especially, a cuckold husband who submits to a dominant wife.

Bisexual Cuckold Husband

You fantasize about sucking cock all the time, don’t you?  Morally, it may seem wrong, but you can’t help it.  You dream is tasting another man’s cum and sniffing his balls.  The wife doesn’t know your dirty secret, but you call a hot, sexy, young phone sex mistress to dominant your cock.  It still isn’t enough though.  What you want is to be able to tell your wife.  Oh, don’t give me that look.  I can see your cock getting stiff from over here.  You want your wife to know how much you love sucking huge cock.  She may not approve, but considering she would NOW see you as pathetic guess what?  She will start sleeping with other men.  This would make you her bisexual cuckold husband.  Not only will you watch her bring various men home to fuck her, but you will suck them off as well.  Not bad for honesty correct?  Yes, it would be this way in a perfect world.  However, we both know that in most cases her idea of kinky is sex with the lights on! *giggles*

Miss Carrington is a Cuckold Goddess

Is your cock fighting the urge to cum at the thought of this blog?  Are you afraid your wife doesn’t want to share her cock with you?  I just want to be clear darling that although you may not be her cuckold husband, she is still fucking other men.  It could be that she is selfish and find you an unwelcomed distraction. If so, call me at 1-800-356-6196 or email me  I love to play with cum seeking faggot boys who long for cock instead of pussy.  Not to mention, you can become my cuckold playmate.  Find out if your wife is secretly cheating on you and where to keep your mouth full of hot sticky cum.  After all, what are friends for. Right?






3 comments to Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

  • Ms Carrington, what a powerful blog…calling out the men who keep their shameful secrets to themselves and then jack off to them at times of desperate weakness. You are a Mistress with a very good understanding of male perverted thinking.

  • I’ve shared my desire to my wife for her to Cuck me (she has rejected the idea) but have not told her about my desire to be her gay sissy Cuckold that only services men. I’m too embarrassed to open up that much and I think it would end our marriage unfortunately.

  • Mistress Cindy is spot on with this post! Men have such a difficult time owning the truth; especially when it comes to bi curious fantasies. I think many cucks are humiliation whores who have a penchant for penis. Great post!

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