I remember the first time I told a guy to rub my feet.

Carrington (41)

It was freshman year of college.  I knew he liked me.  It’s not as though he was going to say no.  Although my intentions were a bit jaded, I wanted to see how far he would go to please me.  He wasn’t my boyfriend, and I had intentionally blown him off the summer prior.  He’d always ask via a mutual friend how I was doing and “if I had a boyfriend yet.”  Of course, I had boyfriends, but I would always tell the informant to elaborate in detail of my experiences to my admirer.  Nothing like a little jealousy to make a man fall in love just a bit more.  It was harmless fun and I wanted to push the envelope of his desires.

When I finally gave him the ok for a date, he was smitten. At dinner, I placed my feet in his lap.  He had made several comments about my toe nail polish being cute.  (I zeroed in on him having a possible foot fetish)

How I Learned About Fetish

I learned about fetish from reading a few adult magazines and explored it intensely the summer I stayed with a friend.   Her parents were into a lot of kinky stuff and had floggers, paddles, nipple clamps, pony play items and more in a trunk nestled  in the back of their closet.  How I know about this will be elaborated on in another blog.  It was then I fell in love with fetish. I was totally intrigued that there were ways to heighten sexual desire besides the “missionary position”. As I think about it, how many of you are not getting laid for Valentine’s Day because your “missionary position” can’t position itself to make “her” happy?

Hmmm, I’m sensing a bit of tension from some of you small penis humiliation guys. It’s ok take you’re time.  Carrington is here to listen AND  tease you about it.

What’s Your Fetish?

Moving along, my previous blog (you can read it here) asked when you realized you were submissive to women. I asked because it was a passing thought to when I realized I loved fetish. The misconception is that fetish is simply a way to achieve an orgasm, or a fantasy of the moment. Many don’t take it seriously and may shrug it off as something perverse.  Ok, yes some of what you guys like talking about and exploring is perverse.  However, does this mean it should be perceived as a fad or something you truly embrace as a part of your life?  I think the latter.  As a thought there are many vanilla fetishes: shopping fetishes, hair style fetishes, coffee fetishes, etc.  Yet so many are creeped out at a guy wanting to take a cock from his mistress.  Smirk

What’s your fetish?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual although it makes better conversation.