I know you are excited..but a little scared at the same time.

I’ve been watching you a few weeks now- following you to work, outings with your friends-private events.  Oh, does THAT SUPRISE you?

You’d be surprised what I am truly capable of.

Ever since I heard how much of a chauvinistic twit you are, it has been my mission to find out who is the man behind this mask.

And yes, it is a mask.

You are as strong and powerful as you THINK you are.  You only tell yourself that so you can bed beautiful women who fawn over your career achievements, gym body, and fake alpha  persona.

When I snuck into your house, I found so many interesting things, and THAT is what I want to get to the bottom of.

Now, there there, don’t try to struggle.  Just relax– take a few deep breaths and perhaps I will remove the ball gag.

I can tell the little concoction I had the waitress slip  into your drink has worn off. My aren’t you feisty!  Hold still, and if you scream it goes back on understand?

Oh, you look rather befuddled and puzzled.  *giggle* I think I’ll just walk around you in circles, with my high heels acoustically clicking in your ears as you eagerly anticipate the first in a SERIES of questions…………….

Hi there….does it turn you on to be interrogated or be captured and enslaved by a beautiful woman?  I love exciting and engaging fantasies where I am in complete control and you are at my whim.  Sexy, I know, and so exhilarating.  Why don’t you tell me a bit more about yourself?  I want to see if your dirty deeds would coincide with my idea.  I know you want to be held captive.  I also know you have a few secrets you really don’t want to be found out, but now you simply HAVE NO CHOICE.

Email me: Carrington@enchantrixempire.com

I take appointments.  Feel free to make one if you don’t see me around.  Kiss.