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Julie’s Panties II

I was so nervous, standing naked before Julie but the more she giggled and sneered at my tiny penis, the harder I became.

“Well, it seems since you enjoyed snooping through my things…..” I interrupted her.

“I am so sorry Julie.  But…..”

“Shut up and follow me.”

Not believing what was happening, I followed her naked, to the kitchen.  I halfway wondered if she would soon take her clothes off too and we would have sex and I figured at this point it would not hurt to ask.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?” I asked.

She laughed hysterically.

“Have you seen your little dick?  Seriously?”

A wave of embarrassment came over me, but I felt the tickle in my balls.

“I’m sorry, I just assumed…..”

“Oh, you assumed because you are naked in my kitchen, I would what? Actually, fuck you?”

I fell silent.

“I’m actually hungry and want you to cook for me.”

“Naked???!!!” I exclaimed.

“You were naked and jerking off in my panties remember?  I see no reason why you can’t be naked and cook for me while I sip a mimosa and finish my magazine.”

I watched Julie sit at the table, hair still damp from her swim and the glow of her tan radiate the room.  The more I envisioned her removing her swimsuit and me fucking her made me want to stroke so badly.  My tiny cock twitched and wiggled, and as I moved about the kitchen, she laughed hysterically and made reference how little I was. She even compared it to  her lover whom she suspected I was secretly jealous of.  It was apparent Julie knew of my secret crush on her.   She made instructions on how she liked her eggs yet would chime how his huge cock would fill her pussy and his cum would leak all over her panties even a while after they were done.

“So, you see,” she began….

“It wasn’t my cum you were licking out of panties, but his.  By the way I take sugar and cream in my coffee.”

My balls tightened and I felt my face get hot, fixing her breakfast.  I was confused at how much I wanted to cum yet mortified I had tasted her lover’s sperm.

“Your breakfast is ready.”

She smiled, “I have a surprise for you later.”


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