Women seem to always be more in tune with themselves sexually.  I will add though, this applies to how we indulge in our sexy desires.  Masturbating or masturbating for someone else, seems to be a common thing for ladies to enjoy. I personally love being watched until I orgasm- by a lucky gent of course.  What am I getting at? Well guys, masturbation, choking the chicken, stroking the strobe, or whatever involves cum.  You know, that creamy white jizz you shoot after a hot phone call? Yea, that.  Do you ever taste it?  Yea, TASTE IT! No, well there is nothing wrong with learning to like the taste of your cum.

You Don’t Eat Your Cum Because it’s Nasty

In order to be a good cum eater, you must actually enjoy the taste of your cum.  Diet is everything! The foods you eat is why it could taste so bad.  I love training men to eat their own cum.  I know some guys are queasy about it, because their cum taste nasty, but as I said there are ways around it.  Or, for that matter, being a good loser means taking it like the wimp you are and licking it all up!  The faster you do it, the happier I am.  It is over in NO TIME!

Cum Eating is Humiliating

Learning to like the taste of your cum will ease a lot of your frustrations.  I have trained submissive men to eat their cum and thank me for it!  As a thought, cum eating is humiliating but why does that matter?  You’re a dirty slut who wants to make Ms. Carrington smile right?  Stroking your cock at my command, and knowing the grand finale is so intense!  Perhaps you will take a walk on the wild side—use it as cream for coffee (maybe even your wife’s coffee and that’s OUR secret), or as topping on ice cream.

Stroking for Carrington Until You Cum

Instead of being afraid to eat your cum, why not learn to enjoy it?  If you like humiliating tasks, this is the perfect task to start a journey of servitude.   Because that tickle you felt just now wasn’t your imagination.  Get on your knees, take out that cock, and stroke for me.