I’ve been tossing the idea of this blog around for a while.  I am finally able to write frequently again, so this is a wonderful way to reintroduce things.  *smile*

Limits are something we all have. From our personal to professional lives, we want to incorporate limits to ensure our experiences are pleasurable and run smoothly.  Sometimes, the people around us will resent those limits, because let’s face it, they don’t fall in line with what THEY WANT.  Which brings me to this point.  Once you request a session with one of the wonderful ladies of LDW, you will be excited, and ready to explore all your naughty ideas!

However, what happens when you call said Mistress and she doesn’t like your fantasy?  You are bummed and feel cheated.  With hindsight, you may feel you are paying for a good time, so it is HER responsibility to oblige you.  Yes, this is true but would it be ok if she took said attitude?  For example, if you enjoy talking about stinky feet and socks, is it ok for her to force you to suck cock?  You would immediately inform her respectively, “I don’t like that Mistress.”

You let her know this was a limit you would not be willing to explore.

On the flip side though, if you are feeling super horny and say “Mistress, I want you to suck cock with me in this fantasy,” and she says no, could you embrace it?  I always suggest one of the amazing ladies available if there is a fetish I don’t care to explore.  It is so important every one of you have a mind-blowing experience.  It doesn’t help the situation or make for a great session if you coerce your fantasy or strategically engineer it after your Mistress has declined.

Now that is out of the way…..have you been a good boy today?

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