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Love Carrie Mail!

Dear Carrie,

I would like to remain anonymous.  I was worried about still being a virgin at the age of 30.  Do you think it is normal and does having a tiny 3-inch penis play into it?  Just know I feel worthless and have no self-confidence because of this.



Dear Tiny,

Before I respond let me get THIS out of the way……….


Whew now, I can answer.

Jeez! 3 inches?  Seriously did you really email to ask me this little guy?  Any girl in her right mind will take one look at it and say you are wasting her time.  Real women like huge, hard, HUNG cocks. NOT  nut pissers like yours.  Gosh I feel bad for you…(well, not really) lol

The smart thing to do here is accept being a virgin forever and serving an amazing mistress like myself.  I could find a lot of great things to do, and you would still be allowed to cum ever so often depending on how good of a slave you are.  I am also GLAD you feel worthless because, well, YOU ARE!  You shouldn’t even be wearing boxers or briefs but panties.  That’s just my opinion.





9 comments to Love Carrie Mail!

  • *snort* With a clitoris *that* size, s/he might as well just go ahead and get a sex change! That, or start giving up that hind-pussy to guys and strap ons, because no one is going to want to do anything with that little acorn glued to he/r pelvis. How would Tiny even *lose* its virginity? Don’t you have to actually be able to penetrate past the labia for that? lol I don’t think scissoring like a lesbian counts, Tiny! LOL!!

  • TB

    Miss Carrie, tiny is such a pathetic loser. a virgin over the age of 30. Most people lose their virginity before the age of 20.

  • Ty

    tiny would make a great cuckold slave. Plenty of alpha males and dominant females would love to cuckold a virgin. Real men love having losers cleanup after them. The older you are and still a virgin means you are likely to remain one for life.

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