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Your Love of Panties Began When???

I can be pretty random at times which falls in line with my witty personality!  I have a question for crossdressers and sissy girls alike:

When did your love of panties begin?

At what point did the soft feel of satin against your balls stir something inside you?

I can’t wait to see your responses!




12 comments to Your Love of Panties Began When???

  • Subpantyboi

    Ms Carrington,
    For me there was always a fascination with lingerie, especially panties. When i was very young, the lingerie ads in the catalogs (Sears, Penny’s) was my porn. But it wasn’t until later, late 20’s that i ended up with a pair of panties from a fling…i used them a couple times, before slipping them on. Then, i was hooked. Later, i would sneak a little time in wife’s panties (she is not into lingerie, considers panties as “underwear” so no panty play with her wearing them), but didn’t want to get caught. So now, i hide a few pairs, and sneak in some panty time when i can. i also love the feel of stockings, best with a garter belt. Putting panties (and hopefully other lingerie too) on makes me feel very submissive, and feminine, Ms Carrington.

  • I do not remember when,but it was much later than my teen years,but it does certainly does stir unbelievable pleasure along with hose.Add in the makeup and clothing and what an experience.Add in this web site with such gifted and talented Mistresses like yourself Mistress Carrie and exileration and self awareness and growth spirals.Thankyou so much Mistress Carrie and others.

  • Petey cream puff

    It was when I was 16 when I snuck into my stepmom a closet and tried them on along with her bra/dress/lipsticks/perfume. Then in 1998 it was forever when I wore my roommates girlfriends bra/lipstick and started buying my own. Now I confessed this to my masseuse and she has me wearing panties/bra/dresses/lipsticks/perfumes all the time.

  • william

    Mom’s second drawer down. Was the very first. Then my aunts. I opened it like it was a shrine. I could not believe it all in there. I wanted to live there. I felt jealous that girls had all this. It was like this whole world that I wanted.

    • Carrington

      So genuine and heartfelt. ahhahaha felt you were missing out right?

      • william

        I did feel like I was missing out, totally. The girls had all this wonderful stuff in their dressers. I had like nothing in my mind. I know this sounds dumb but it was amazing to me and I felt jealous. Very jealous. It really felt magical when I would find something or open a drawer. My heart would race and I would get anxious.

      • william

        To be honest – yes, I did feel like I was missing out but actually I felt far worse than that. I felt like girls had it all and such things in their drawers it thrilled me. I would hold a bra or a pair of panties like it was an idol. I know it sounds dumb but it is true.

  • The first time I wore panties and dressed up was when I was 13 years old about the same time I began masturbating. Of course the easy natural way to get a pair at that age was from my moms drawer. I also began taking my tighty whities I wore and cut them up tying knots in them to make g strings out of them that I wore at night.

    That lasted a year or two. Once in College those feelings came back and I started stealing panties from my dorm laundry room. I never got caught but loved the thrill of it. In some ways I wish I was caught so I was exposed and forced to come out back then.

  • I had actually started wearing pantyhose at 10 years old but when I was 16 and could start to drive, I bought my first bra and panty set. Of course it turned me on incredibly while I wore them with my pantyhose. Then it opened a new door to dressing more and more like a woman.

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