Carrington (237)I remember the first time I found out what masturbation was.  The concept for me at the time was rubbing my virgin clit gently until the friction caused waves of explosion through my entire body.  I remember the faint lightheadness and the “omg” expression after.  I was hooked.  From then on I wanted to create different and fun ways to make masturbation more exciting, fun and overall simply feel good!


Masturbation is Important

Being a fetish phone sex mistress is not just a career for me.  It’s super exciting conversing with men (and women) who have different perversions of sex.  Masturbation is important and usually the grand finale to any fetish phone session.  You may like sucking cock for a mistress to get off, wear a pair of worn panties from your cheating wife, or have a dirty fetish for eating your own cum..mmm.  Either way your main goal is an orgasm right?  For me, thinking about two hot lesbians or watching tribbing lesbians get me off.  I love seeing their delicious clits rubbing together.  Being bisexual, I call my naughty girlfriend and we have phone sex together to get off. See? Phone sex is the way to go because two is always better than one.  Wink

Masturbation Isn’t Important for Cum Denial Slaves

You may like masturbation but for some of you it isn’t allowed.  Cum denial slaves don’t deserve to have the luxury of an orgasm.  Somehow, you have managed to earn the ultimate torture of heavy balls full of cum and an eager frustrated penis!  You want me to have you beg and suffer for release but I’m not going to let you.  NO pleasure for jerk addicts who can’t follow my commands to the letter.  Leaking all over yourself and desperate for satisfaction is the name of my game.  Will I feel sorry for you?  No.  It’s obvious you are addicted to masturbation and need to receive a lesson in following my rules.  You don’t control your penis.  I do!

Masturbation is Like a Drug

Are you addicted to masturbation? How often do you?  My hitachi wand and bullet is my best friend!  I love the rush I feel once my clit is being buzzed to the point of satisfaction.  Sissy girls love to masturbate their hot buttons while being teased and giggled at by Miss Carrington!  They aren’t allowed to jerk like a man because they aren’t!  Real men don’t wear panties—- sissy pansies only.  As I think about it, small penis humiliation slaves and cuckold clean up boys can only jerk or cum when commanded.  I love having control over your horny  penis or teasing you about it.  I masturbate whenever I want because I’m powerful, in control and deserve all the pleasures of the world.  You don’t depending on the mood I’m in.  If you are good, you may get to hear Ms. Carrington in one of her masturbation moods.  Hmmm, boy won’t that make you lucky!