If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know I am brutally honest.  It’s the part of my personality many people love.  There is one person I don’t love so much lately. My Accounting Professor is a snarky arsehole who loathes anyone asking questions.  (Isn’t that why we are all here?)  He gives random pop quizzes on material we haven’t covered and doesn’t offer a lot of extra credit work.  He likes staring at the boobs and asses of all the college girls…random trivia.

My Professor Needs Chastity

My professor needs chastity because he is a pervert.  Like many older men, he lusts over young babes with perky tits and tight heart shaped asses.  I have caught him on many occasions staring at my nipples when they get hard.  I may wear a thin shirt with no bra because I’m in a rush (he is an early morning class), so lucky him, right?  I figure if you are going to be a pervert, don’t be an arsehole!  Of course, this psychology comes with the territory.  Older guys feel resentment because they know deep down younger hotties won’t pay them any attention. He takes his frustrations out on students by being a dick and giving a hard time.  I am sure his wife is boring in bed, and he wants someone young, dominant, and beautiful to take control.   I’m about to change that.

Seducing My Pervert Professor Into Chastity

I am going to seduce my professor.  He needs a lesson in manners wouldn’t you agree?  I also have a problem with him jacking off to my hot body.  Oh, don’t give me that look.  You know once our class is over, he sneaks to his office thinking about my tits in tight shirts and cute ass.  The nerve of him to pretend to be in charge when really he is a masturbation addict!  I bet he pretends to be in charge at home too *eye roll*.  I also believe his wife is bored having sex with him.  I wish I could call her.  Yes, call her.  So I can tell her how much of a dick her husband is and we both could teach him a lesson!  For now, I will use my seductive man catching techniques to lure him in a sticky web of lust and seduction.  He will become enslaved by my charm and soon begging to have sex with me.  Sex, unfortunately, won’t be served on THIS menu.  *wink*

My Professor Isn’t The Only One Who Needs Chastity

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You know I have a new poll about guys in chastity.  My professor isn’t the only one who DESERVES it.  YOU DO TOO!  Take my poll to see which reason you should other than just because,  I personally feel all guys need to have their orgasms controlled by hot young Princesses.  Also, schedule a session with me to

become my orgasm deprived love slave!  You will crave blue balls and be weak for my hot Princess body begging to cum.

Will I let you?