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I know you shop in the men’s section of department stores because you have to. Especially if you are spending the  day at the mall with your wife or girlfriend.  Aren’t you secretly dying to sneak off to Victoria’s Secret to check out the new bras and panties?  Unless you pretend to be shopping for her, I doubt you risk it.  How do you explain wanting to have a cute pink shopping bag to carry as you stroll the mall?  I know you will be so happy to prance around as feminine as possible.  Then again, you will still touch the soft and silky fabrics of every store you browse.  While she is looking at shoes, you have ventured off to the lingerie section discreetly.  Touching the lace and feminine robes send tickles up your cock pussy.  It’s not a surprise, you are a secret sissy.

Secret Sissy Wardrobe

Secret sissy girls everywhere have a wardrobe tucked away in the basement under old Christmas decorations, in the drawer at their office or even the trunk of their car.  You can’t let your family find out how much of a sissy slut you are!  Imagine your wife finding your stash of panties and having to explain you like wearing them when she isn’t around.  Would you tell her the truth?  No. But I know your dirty fetish sissy.  You enjoy wearing her clothes too if it fits.  Do you try on her sexy lingerie or pretty dresses?  Do you like twirling around, wishing you were the wife in the marriage?

Secret Sissy Fantasies

What sissy doesn’t have a secret fantasy?  How many times a day do you touch your clit in your pants wishing you could be in front of Princess jerking to my instructions?  I know one thing is for sure.  You BETTER have on panties when you do. I want you to make cummies and stain the crotch.  Who knows, I may decide to have you lick them clean.  Yummy.  I am sure that isn’t the only cum you have thought about licking up.  All those REAL men you see at the gym or at the office have meaty alpha cocks to wrap your lips around.  Feeling horny?

Call Princess Carrington Now!

Call Princess to explore your secret sissy desires.  Even if you are a budding sissy still learning what you do and don’t like.  I would love to nurture you into the perfect sissy darling or cum slurping faggot slut.  Either way you are going to have an amazing experience.

Grab your panties and dildo!


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