When I lived with my parents, they were very nosey, so I found creative ways to chat with submissive “admirers.”  They were older than me and loved being useful to their bossy brat! Older men fantasize about me seducing their MILF wives and becoming their key holder.  Oh, you didn’t know?  I love being a key holding Mistress to a tiny cock submissive slave.  At any rate………

I would use texting as a way to communicate, AND this method is available for you to utilize as well.

A text session is great if:

You are busy at the office or in a business meeting (wink)

You aren’t home alone but can still jack off in the bathroom 🙂

You are SHY

It’s more discreet to chat online via yahoo messenger or email

There isn’t enough time in a day to become addicted to me via phone, so you chat ALL DAY

AND a few other reasons I am sure you can think of!  Sexting is private, convenient, and tons of fun.

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