Well my darlings it is a new year!  You know what that means, sissy gurls?  New opportunities to become your true selves.  Have you given some thought as to what you would like to do this year that you didn’t last?  Perhaps I can offer a few ideas to help you get the naughty thoughts flowing.  After all, this is what your Princess is here for.  *smiles*

Suck More Cock

Were you a shy sissy last year and jerked off to hard cocks but never sucked one?  Well it’s either now or never.  I know you love wearing sexy clothing and learning to be the embodiment of feminine grace and perfection, but I want you to the explore the kinky side of being a sissy gurl.  I bet there is a guy you know, maybe even a friend or coworker, who you would love to get down on your knees for.  Does the thought of learning how to be a good cock sucker make your clit thump?  After all, how else will you be a good sissy wife if you don’t suck cock?  Which is the next point!

Become a Sissy Wife

Another sissy goal is for you to become the perfect wife!  I know many of you long to have a strong man who works all day, while you stay home to cook his dinner, wash his clothes, and get posh and pretty for him when he gets home.  Being a sissy bride isn’t easy!  You must learn from Princess Carrington how to please your husband like good bitch and become his total submissive love slave, even if it means swallowing his loads several times a day, or if he comes home for a lunch break to have you suck off his boss if necessary!

Update Your Sissy Wardrobe

So what is in your sissy wardrobe?  I am sure you have plenty of panties but anything else soft and pretty?  Perhaps a few pair of pantyhose, high heels, sexy bra and panty sets, outfits for the club, dinner attire, sexy pj sets and more?  I know here in the Midwest, it’s a good idea to invest in leg warmers and cute sweaters, but for warmer weather something a bit more sexy.  Princess loves strapless tops, mini skirts, and summer dresses. How about you, sissy?

Becoming more Feminine

Is having boobies part of your sissy goals?  I know it would be great to have a pair of perky C cups like Princess, right?  It is also important to know the proper way to talk, sitting (usually legs crossed or folded), walking, (upright with a sexy sway), and dieting to have a cute lean girlish figure!  Let’s work together so you can also possibly get rid of your penis and have a beautiful vagina as a real woman should.  That is a huge step and will take lots of time, but don’t worry!  I know being a girl is something you have wanted your entire life 🙂

If you want to talk, send me an email: Carrington@enchantrixempire.com