It’s no secret how much I love sissy girls, (and sissy humiliation).  I like it when they work extra hard to be feminine and graceful.  They ask for advice on fashion, read information on how to properly take care of their girlish figure, and cock sucking.  Today is International Women’s Day in case you were wondering my inspiration for this blog.  I think it is fair that all sissy girls who work hard celebrate with me!  Let’ have girl talk or figure out how to get that hot guy you have been eyeballing at the gym perhaps?  However, for the sissy girls who still have not swallowed cum or can’t walk in heels?  No celebration for you!

Make me smile

Sissy Humiliation

How can you call yourself a sissy and you still have not sucked cock?  You deserve my sissy humiliation! A real sissy goes above and beyond to show her Mistress how much she wants to be a girl instead of trying to get her little clit to orgasm!  Do you think you deserve to orgasm if you have not learned how to deep throat 9 inches little bitch?  Well, let’s just make it clear no you don’t.  I like my sissy girls ready to slut themselves out in any way I see fit.  Dressing up like a slut and creaming the panties I told you to buy isn’t the only thing you should be doing ass sniffer. *flips hair*

Sissy Girls Love Anal

Oh, did that make your clit thump?  You can act shy all you want, but I know you crave to have a hard cock in your lady hole. *giggle*  If you have not started training your “mangina” to become an orifice for hard cock I suggest you get on it sissy!  I love training sissy girls how to take a huge penis and who knows what could happen.  Maybe you will become a sissy bride because you decided to bend over like a good girl.  Perhaps you will be your male lover’s party favor for all his friends to take turns with you so they can empty their balls into your ass.  Mmmmm 🙂

You can AVOID sissy humiliation by following my transformation process to the letter!  It would be tragic yet fun at the same time to deny you the opportunity to make cummies for me because you are not willing to work on your wardrobe or walking in high heels.  If you want to be my sissy bitch slave, then go all the way or stick to the day job of pretending you are a man.

But, we both know better than that so call me.