Dear Little Guy,

I know you will read this and think wow this is embarrassing!  That’s just it though.  I am here to keep you out of denial.  It is bad enough you are parading around pretending to be an alpha male calling the shots.  Who made you feel important?  Are you forgetting all the girls that didn’t call back you took on dates?  Are you forgetting about why your wife is tired of you asking her to roll over at 3am? Jeez *eye roll*

Small Penis Humiliation

Your small penis humiliation can’t be avoided sweetie.  I know you are ashamed to get undressed in the locker room.  While everyone else has nice, long, hard cocks, look at you and your weenis.  Gee, I bet it doesn’t take long to whip that out does it?  I don’t feel bad for you.  It’s totally your fault for being so…umm inadequate!  Maybe you should consider being a man isn’t the right role for you in life.  Maybe, just maybe you should spend the rest of your days kissing my cute young ass and getting bossed around for being so pathetic!

You Are Not in Charge Little Man

Small penis humiliation is for men who don’t have the “equipment” to please a girl like me.  You were born on the inadequate side of manhood.  You barely pass the test of being able to satisfy any woman.  It’s the reason you have to spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, cars, trips or paying a girls daily expenses.  She doesn’t see any reason to have you around other to tell her friends how pathetic you are!  They all joke about your little dick, and how you are so weak to be in her life so you will do whatever is takes.  *giggles*

Small Penis Humilation by Princess Carrington

You need a Princess like me to tell you about  your shortcomings, (haha) and to keep you in line!  You don’t have a right to demand anything real alpha men with big cocks request.  Blow jobs, back rubs, lap dances and more are for REAL MEN.  If anything maybe I should consider having you suck cock. After all.  You do have a “pussy”.

Call me boy toy!