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Married Men Secretly Sucking Cock

Is it just me, or are there a plethora of cock suckers with a mark of “I do” on their ring finger?  I find it not only amusing, but entertaining that your wife thinks honey is doing the job in bed solely with her, meanwhile honey, is blowing the copy guy at the office on his lunch break. Honey also would absolutely die if he couldn’t get the fix of cum marinating on his tongue. Continue reading Married Men Secretly Sucking Cock

Are you a Cuckold?

Men often pretend they don’t like something to protect their lifelong shell of an ego.  For example, you may be turned on by having sex with transsexuals, but instead act as though they disgust you.  Meanwhile, every night you creep out of bed, or masturbate for hours on end to tranny porn until your . . . → Read More: Are you a Cuckold?