The Cabin

In-Cabin 6, Roger, one of the camp counselor’s sat on the edge of a bed.  He looked around for his familiar desire.  While everyone was sitting around the fire making smores, he decided to have a bit of fun of his own since Kat’s seduction.  He couldn’t believe he fell under her spell.  As she cooed and whispered in his ear when no one was around, his penis would swell as she forbade him to touch it.  Of course, this frustrated him immensely.  Having an orgasm was his daily ritual.  Kat knew this, and while she had already resolved what to her was a problem, his horny cock became jumpy.

No Orgasms for Roger

He reminded himself of the promise to Kat.  Although she would never know, so he thought, he couldn’t help but sneak an explosion.  As he unzipped his trousers, he envisioned her standing before him, perky D cups protruding from a tight latex top.  Her mini skirt was hiked to barely cover her freshly shaved flower.  He could smell her perfume, as he closed his eyes, soft tracing the outline of his balls.  He needed this so badly, and couldn’t wait to completely get in the groove.  His eyes fluttered open, as he heard a sound outside the door.  He yelled hello, but no one responded.  Covering his crotch, he looked out the window and saw everyone still around the fire in the distance.  With relief, he smiled and continued with what HE THOUGHT would be a stroke session.

Kat, The Witch

Roger decided to get comfortable, taking off his boxers and pants.  He lied down on the bed, exposing his tiny 4 inch penis.  He looked down at it as it wiggled in tiny movements. Whispering Kat’s name, he imagined her giggling at his small wonder, cooing how he wanted to cum so badly.  Under his breath, he repeated her name as now he was stroking furiously, wishing she would sit her sweet vagina on his mouth.

“Now, what do we have here?”

Roger shot up in the bed, alarmed and out of breath.  Kat stood before him. She was clad in a latex catsuit, but her face wasn’t angelic.  It glowed with an evil halo of cruelty.  Her hair was no longer blonde, but a hue of black and her eyes were a bright yellow.  She had long, black nails, and her skin was pale.  Her appearance frightened him, but he was also intrigued.

“K-k-kat?”, Roger mumbled.  Omg, is this your Halloween costume?”

She laughed ferociously.  “Silly little man.  I’m a witch. And you, my happy stroker are in trouble.”

“I am so sorry for stroking,” he stammered. “I was so turned on earlier, I….”

“I know you were.  I knew you were a chronic masturbator.  This is why I placed a spell on your penis.”

“What do you mean?” Roger asked.

“It means,” she began, “that you will be able to get an erection but you will NEVER be able to orgasm unless I reverse the curse.  I have no intention of doing so.”  You are a pervert and don’t deserve release unless of course, I’m in a good mood.”

She laughed, as purple smoke surrounded her.  She walked towards him, using her long black claws to fondle his now soft penis.

“Pathetic,” she said.  “Do you see this?”

“Y-y-yes.” he stuttered.

“I’m not sure who lied to you.  Orgasms are not for little dick strokers like you!”

“Oh please let me cum,” he pleaded.


“I must be going. I have other little peen men to torture before Halloween is over.”

“Wait!,” he yelled.

Then she was gone.

Just A Dream?

He began to sweat and heard someone calling his name.

“Roger,” Kat said, shaking his arm.

“What happened?” He woke up in the cabin bed fully clothed.

“You told us you were going to take a nap.  It’s been an hour so we decided to check on you.”

“Omg, really?”

“Yes,” she said.

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

Once Kat was gone, he pulled out his cock and began jerking off to what he now figured was a dream.  He had been stroking a while, then realized he couldn’t cum.

He thought to himself, in fear, if what happened had really happened.  Suddenly, he heard an eerie familiar laugh.

Then, he realized, it was all true.

Now to find out what Ms. Claire has in store for you all.