Being a truck driver is a lonely job.  It’s always just, me, the road and my CB radio.  You can imagine how my wife feels though.  A few days a week, I hear her rave how lonely she is.  The irony is that while I understand, I actually like the distance.  Being home only 2 days a week gives me opportunities.  The kind of opportunities she would not understand.

My New Addiction

About 2 years ago, I met a guy named Al.  He was 6 feet tall, husky build, and extremely alpha.  I was intimidated when he spoke to me.  I had just pulled a 10 hour drive from the South to the West Coast.  All I wanted to do was enjoy a beer, then grab a few zzz’s in my truck.  While sitting outside the rest stop, there was a knock on the passenger side door.  Dam lot lizards I thought.

“I’m not interested honey,” I yell.

“I need a ride man.”

I pulled my curtain back, and there he was standing outside my truck.

Well, to this day I don’t know if he was really standing there or not.  That is another story though.

“How can I help you man?”

“I’m trying to get to San Diego, can I get a lift?”

I was hesitant. This guy could totally rob me but I figured why the heck not.

Halloween Slut

I told Al to let me rest a bit before we headed out.  He sat in the passengers seat while I chilled in the back.  I know you are probably thinking how I allowed  a strange man in my truck but he seemed like a nice guy. Or, whatever he was.  What happened next always baffled me.  I can’t explain it nor truly understand why or if it even happened.  I recall us talking about the good old days trick or treating.  It was Halloween night so it made for great conversation.  He looked at me in a way that made me feel, well uncomfortable but strange.  He said after a pause in our conversation, “Has a man ever blown you?”

“What???!” I asked.

“Has a man ever blown  you?”

“No”, I said.

“Well since you are giving me a ride, I want to show my appreciation.”

“I’m not gay,” I said.  For some reason, my cock began to twitch.

Before I could say no, his masculine arms pulled down my pants.  I gave a few protests but it was all so exciting and before I knew it, my cock was being sucked by some strange guy I had only known a few hours.  I pumped my 6 inches in and out of his mouth while looking down at him.  He begged for my cum and I squirted a large load down his throat.  I hadn’t gotten laid in weeks and it felt so good.

My Need for Cock

My need for cock greatened afterwards.  Oh, but the real kicker?  I fell asleep and woke up to him being gone!  There wasn’t a trace of him anywhere in the lot.  All my money was still in my wallet too.  I had a massive hangover though, and a wet spot in my bed.  I questioned whether or not I had really had sex with a man or was it all a wet dream.  To be honest it didn’t matter.  My interest grew and from that moment forward I began to seek out other men who loved cock as much as I did. My wife doesn’t know about this and unfortunately never will.  I’ve even started sneaking a pair or two of her panties with me on the road to wear for random lovers in various cities.  I feel like such a slut and have considered going gay.  All because of a mysterious guy named….Al????