Top 5 Sissy Maid Tasks

Top 5 Sissy Maids Tasks that would please your mistress is important to know as a sissy girl.  Learning how to be an obedient and resourceful sissy maid would guarantee many opportunities.  Are you wondering what those are?  Pleasing your mistress is a wonderful chance to suck cock and learn how to become lady. In your service to her, you will learn posture, etiquette, how to sexually satisfy her and more.  The inspiration of this blog happened while lying in bed with PMS this morning.  I thought, it would be so wonderful to have a good girl available to do the following  during my “shark week” and beyond.

The List

  1.  Do all the grocery shopping- If I am busy with friends, or simply want to enjoy my afternoon, you should make a grocery list!  Ask Miss Carrington everything I would need from hair conditioner   to groceries.  It would be awesome to not worry about that thanks to a sissy maid!
  2.  Be My Shark Week Companion–  While Mistress is suffering with cramps and such, be a good sissy maid and emulate me!  Pay attention so our cycles can sync.  After all, if you are going to be a woman, you should know having a girly cycle is part of it.  Be sure to have everything Mistress needs to make her as comfy as possible.  Purchase all her favorite sugary snacks, essentials, and fetch whatever is requested while she relaxes!
  3.  Learn How To Be a Good Hostess–  Being a good sissy maid means learning what my friends enjoy as well!  You should know all of our favorite wines and foods.  If I say, “Sissy, my friends are coming by, please prepare”, that will be your cue to grab your French maid outfit.  You may need to check if everything is available and if not it is your responsibility to get it!  You will cook, serve our drinks, and spoil us.  This means, if we want foot massages, or to giggle at you while taking turns spanking your sissy bottom with a paddle we will!
  4.   Serve My Lover– Sometimes Mistress isn’t in the mood for sex.  Especially during shark week!  You should be willing to suck my lovers cock and allow him to use your sissy ass for pleasure as I see fit.  Learning what he likes is important as my good girl!
  5.  Keep Things Tidy-  It is obvious as my sissy maid you will do all the housekeeping.  I want my mirrors to sparkle and floors to shine!  It will be mandatory you clean on your hand and knees so I can use my riding crop to tap your sissy ass to keep you motivated!  Don’t miss a spot or Mistress will have you do it all over again!

Would you like to be a sissy maid or please Mistress?  Let’s talk about it.

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