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Why Are You Submissive?

It’s simple but, will say a lot about you.  Why Are You Submissive?

I posed this question via my twitter a few days ago.  If you are a follower, I love having fetish polls.  It’s a way for me to connect with the audience and those who follow me.  I also learn exactly what goes on in those naughty little brains you  have. *smile*

Over the course of seven days I learned that:

43% of men are submissive because it turns them on sexually

30% feel they were simply born to serve

13% enjoy it because they have a small penis

and another 13% feel they are submissive due to needing their life controlled by a mistress

Being Submissive Turns You On Sexually

Have you ever considered that it isn’t so much that being submissive turns you on sexually, but more so you ARE submissive?  For example, I am bisexual but I am bisexual because I like pretty boobs and shaved flowers.  NOT because it turns me on.  The turning on part is all relative to the act itself.  Perhaps you are in denial that you aren’t a true alpha and coin this phrase to justify your true role as a man.  It should be no shock that licking my Princess ass and kissing my feet daily is your new calling and this very well does turn you on sexually but is in fact who you are!  It has been imbedded in you for years that you were designed to serve women so let’s call a duck a duck shall we? Wink

You Were Born to Serve

What does it mean when you tell a mistress you were born to serve?  It means that you are submissive by nature.  Your entire existence is focused on the catering, pampering, spoiling and complete servitude to your goddess.  You are naturally a prized bitch “boy” because once you find a suitable match to kneel to on a daily basis and pretty much the rest of your life, you learn your role.  She is there to guide you on an exploration of your fetishes, how to make her smile, and indefinitely picking you apart, so your balls earn a spot in her pretty little purse. 🙂

Being Submissive Because Your Penis is Small

A lot of you tiny tools are submissive because your penis is small.  Attempting to act superior to a mistress is entirely laughable because it is evident you don’t have what it takes to keep a real woman happy.  So, if you have made the decision because you are the “little engine that could” then kudos to you!  The great part is no one really gives a shit about your small dick, only you do.  You care because you are insecure, confused, and feel condemned to a life of never being a real man.  How great is it to become a bitch to a superior goddess since you don’t fit into the typical vanilla life standard?  You made a great choice becoming an enslaved small buttoned boy toy who will be under the influence and instruction of a woman who will make you feel humiliated but at the same time, appreciated.. LOL

And as far as needing your life controlled by a mistress?  I think it is self explanatory.  Any guy with a small amount of resourcefulness will understand the importance of having a powerful woman guide his every step in all aspects of his life.  As I think about it, are YOU that guy?


8 comments to Why Are You Submissive?

  • Petey cream puff

    Ive always been submissive as I respect women and would never hit nor do anything violent. I’ve always like bras/panties/slips/dresses/heels/boots/lipsticks/perfumes/lotions. I’ve been wearing all of that for last 20 years as well having step mom give me lipstick kisses on my cheeks after school everyday/sneaking in her closet trying on her bras/dresses/lipsticks/perfumes. Now I’ve come out of closet with my masseuse and she’s had me over to her place dressed up/trying on lipsticks/modeling purses I bought/spraying me in perfumes along with buying bottle from her. Also modeling dresses that I had for her as well her picking out women’s clothes and dress for me to wear. She’s married but told me not to worry about her husband. We are going to go dress shopping may/June where I will be wearing women’s clothes/boots or dress when we go along with her picking out dresses for me to try on and buy along with myself getting makeover. With this happening I’m her cockold/submissive/weak/feminine cream puff girl and after keeping this in for 20 years in glad I found my match who wants me to be her sissy.

  • J

    I don’t know for sure but have always felt that my small penis size had something to do with my submissiveness with women. I am a guy so I fake or try to act “strong” but I don’t feel that way. I also grew up w a very dominant Mom and grand Mom but have always felt small ness to be part of it

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I am guessing that I get turned on by being submissive because I am submissive. I love jerking off and I love the feeling, or should I say craving, that I get once my cock is hard…it’s like a switch that goes off that tells me I need to be submissive to mistress…I need to be her jerk off slut…I need to do things for her that I would never when my cock is not hard and my brain is functioning properly. I don’t know if this called being “situational submissive” because when my cock is not hard I would never do the things that mistress gets me to do on cam.

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    My cock just twitchec as I read your comnent…can’t wait to get on cam for you and be your jerk off slut 😁👍

  • Jay

    In retrospect, I feel I’ve always had submissive tendencies. I’ve definitely had childhood experiences that shaped who I am today.In High School, I was actually a fairly short and nerdy guy. And I did get pushed around by some of the bully girls at school. They often ganged up on me in groups, tackled me, then sat on me and pinned me on the floor while they taunted and tormented me. As humiliating and stressful as I found these experiences, I also kind of found them erotic and exciting. I remember feeling confused at the time that I could have such conflicting emotions. But it sort of makes sense now when I look back on it.

    Anyway, I’m sure stuff like that played a significant role in my current desire to be dominated by women, both physically and mentally.

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