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Because Your Penis Looks Great Under My Heels

Sometimes I think you take for granted how much of a pussy you truly are.  I get the fact you make a shit load of money, have a cute wife (who cheats on you by the way), and friends who adore you, but have you forgotten “I” know its a ruse?  “I” know that despite your macho exterior,  you have faggot breath because you sucked off your gym buddy before you came home to have meat loaf and potatoes with wifey.  Does she know that while she goes on and on about her horrible nail color you are thinking about the cum shot to your face?  If that wasn’t enough, you simply want to get the evening over with so you can jack off to gay porn and talk to a hot humiliation mistress.

Your Penis Under MY Heel

I’m not impressed with you, unless you are doing something to amuse me.  It could be as candid as you jacking off on your face or buying me something from my wishlist.  Either way I don’t see you as  real man, but just a toy to play with.  I giggle and cackle at your gay sex adventures, sissy shopping sprees, or your crusade to become a humiliation whore.  Just know my pretty high heels love stepping all over  your horny stick!  It deserves to be trampled on for being such a perverted slut.  LOL

Humiliation as a Service to Princess

You like having humiliation phone sex calls with me because they are fun, interesting, and remind you of your place in life.  By day you are pushing papers around and attending important meetings, but at night having a Skype chat in panties asking how many inches you should put in your ass!  Not to mention, you are likely stressed out about your sweet little wife not coming home after work.  It’s been hours and you don’t understand where she is.  You call the princess phone sex humiliation line to ask my advice and well, lets just say  you have a new take on things. You realize it’s better to learn how to be a good cuckold husband vs. trying to deny the obvious truths. smirk

Brat Phone Sex Addictions

Will you ever stop having me step on your penis in cute high heels?  Probably not.  You being addicted to my cute voice and devlish mind is why  you can’t get enough of Miss Carrington.  If you are new to humiliation phone sex or talking to a hot brat mistress, email me to see if we are a good match for each other: 


Chemistry is everything when serving a Princess.  Never forget that it ensures a thrilling experience for both parties!


My First Vibrator

If you follow me on twitter, I mentioned a bit ago about discovering my first sexy toy purchase! LOL


It was the right before the summer I discovered fetish, and you can read about that here. After saving money from my very first job, I wanted to experience orgasms on a grander level.  So, I was . . . → Read More: My First Vibrator

What is your Sissy Style?

Every girl has a different style, or in your case sissy style.   I will use myself as an example! I have a very diverse closet.  I pretty much build my outfit for the day around whatever activities I have planned.  Whether casual, sexy, black tie elegant, flirty (my favorite..wink), or professional there is a little . . . → Read More: What is your Sissy Style?

Miss Carrington Knows What You Need!

  The best part of our “friendship” is, you get to tell me about all your exciting secret fetishes. I totally love sissy girls, cocksuckers, sugar daddies, panty sniffers, cum denial addicts and more!  Always feel free to email me to find out if we have chemistry.  That is so important because . . . → Read More: Miss Carrington Knows What You Need!

My Purse is Always Full

When I was 19, this older guy stopped me in the mall and said I was pretty. Of course I wasn’t impressed about it. I mean, I knew I was pretty and figured he just wanted to feel me out and ask for my number. He also said, after my airy thank you, that . . . → Read More: My Purse is Always Full

Calling all Cum ADDICTS!

There is something I have been meaning to pick your naughty brains about a few weeks now.


How did you feel about the time you got caught masturbating? *giggles*  I got busted masturbating in the handicap stall while at university. I assumed that wing of the building was “closed” and didn’t hear the . . . → Read More: Calling all Cum ADDICTS!

Are You Really Submissive?: A Femdom Perspective

 Guys (and girls alike), all have the same burning question when I disclose my sexy secret.  It starts off as a teeter totter of sexual topic I intricately dance around on perfect pedicured feet.  If its a new friend, I feel them out first.  I like to determine if their vibe discloses an air . . . → Read More: Are You Really Submissive?: A Femdom Perspective

“SHE” cock

Whose game for a round of kiss and tell?

Don’t be shy about it either 🙂

I know some of you have experienced or want to experience a well endowed shemale correct?

Nothing like rubbing your cocks together, deep French kissing, stroking and sucking until orgasm…….hmmmm


Miss Carrington’s Wishlist is Updated


My sweet, young ass is to be worshipped by you 🙂

I know, your peen is excited and eager to smell my panties or better yet…

You want to use your tongue— move them to the side and partake in my awesomeness?



I’ve updated my wishlist.




. . . → Read More: Miss Carrington’s Wishlist is Updated


I remember the first time I found out what masturbation was.  The concept for me at the time was rubbing my virgin clit gently until the friction caused waves of explosion through my entire body.  I remember the faint lightheadness and the “omg” expression after.  I was hooked.  From then on I wanted to . . . → Read More: Masturbation