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Helen’s Drawer

For the years I have known Helen she has always been a bit of a bitch towards me.  Our marriage hasn’t always been the best but for the most part we “partner well.”  I can count on her to handle her portion of the household responsibilities while I work.  I do rather well for myself.

A few months ago Helen decided to take a part-time job at a bakery.  She loves cooking, and I supported her decision.  This lead to me having free time at home on weekends.  I took up some household chores to support her passion, but then a passion inevitably manifested for me.

Helen’s Drawer.

She had so many soft and pretty things.  There was silk, lace, thongs, panties, and bras.  I began spending time rummaging carefully, (so I thought) because I didn’t want to come off as a creep you know?  I felt compelled to feel her panties against my cock and balls.  Somehow it felt right.  I struggled with the idea for weeks, merely sniffing the crotch of her panties and placing them back neatly.  Beating off served me well, although it became not enough after a while.

I wanted to try them on.

And so, I did.

Oh, my goodness.

The erection that grew just by sliding her panties over my masculine thighs made me quiver.  I would cum instantly as I modeled in the mirror.  I was always careful to wash them and put them back before she came home.  However, a few times I would fall asleep in them to awake right before she came home.  I thought nothing of it and figured me tossing her panties in the laundry was no big deal.

Until one day I went through her drawer to find a different type of panties.  It seemed they were for men who desired to be a sissy girl.  At least this is what my mistress said.  It’s for men who desire to be feminine or to cross-dress.  Either way, the fit was terrific!  My cock nestled neatly in the silk, and the material covered my ass perfectly.  I felt like such a whore, and the idea of being caught in them made me want to stroke!  What if my wife wanted me to model them for her?  Or what if this was a sick joke to teach me a lesson for squirting in “her” panties.  Jeez, what should I do?

Or what would YOU do?  Be a sissy me?



Hello My Fetish Darlings!

*blows dust bunnies*


Hey guys!

My goodness have you all missed me as much as I have missed you?

Princess has been away but is now ready to play again.  In case you forgot I enjoy

Sissy Girls



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Your Love of Panties Began When???

I can be pretty random at times which falls in line with my witty personality!  I have a question for crossdressers and sissy girls alike:

When did your love of panties begin?

At what point did the soft feel of satin against your balls stir something inside you?

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Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

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You Love Looking Up my Skirt Pervert

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Love Carrie Mail!

Dear Carrie,

I would like to remain anonymous.  I was worried about still being a virgin at the age of 30.  Do you think it is normal and does having a tiny 3-inch penis play into it?  Just know I feel worthless and have no self-confidence because of this.



Dear Tiny,

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Sexting With Princess Carrie


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Why Are You Submissive?

It’s simple but, will say a lot about you.  Why Are You Submissive?

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Sissy Humiliation Day!

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I’m back…finally!!

After being sick with the flu for a month, I am FINALLY available for appointments and during my regular schedule.  The weather in the Midwest has been the perfect recipe for illness this year.  Yikes!


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