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Text Sessions, Appointments and Fetish Phone Sex Calls

I receive a few messages quite often regarding what I enjoy chatting about or what to expect in session “scenarios.”  Well, for starters I am very diverse and open minded.  As long as it doesn’t entertain  anything against the “rules”, or my personal boundaries all is well.  Have you ever wanted a session but we always miss each other?  Are you uncertain if a text session will appease your fetish whims?  Keep reading!

Booking Text Sessions

carrington texting

I love text sessions! It’s a great way for  us to communicate discreetly and it offers a personal touch.  A text session can be done via yahoo messenger or email.  Basically, we talk about whatever is on your mind whether if it’s how small your penis is, sissy desires, your admiration for your best friend’s cock size, wondering if your wife is cheating on  you and more.  I suggest booking 30 minutes or more if you want to truly enjoy the session vs. ten minutes.  That is a short amount of time to discuss your fetish and develop an amazing fantasy.  There is also the option of emailing me what you want to talk about prior.

Fetish Phone Sex Calls

What does Miss Carrie like talking about?

Oh, just about everything.

It always tickles me when I get asked, do I like xyz, because I am so open minded to many things!


Sissy Training

Sissy Maids

Bi Sexual Fantasies

Cock and Ball Torture

Spanking Fetish

Giantess Fantasy

Casual Chit Chat

Wife not Wanting Sex With You

Loving Cock while Married

Height Humiliation- Tall Goddess, Short Slave

Interrogation Fantasy- Being sexually questioned on humiliating topics!

Foot Fetish

Fetish Roleplays…

and a whole lot more!

Why You Should Make An Appointment

Carrington (237)

I try to keep a consistent schedule, but with school and volunteer work things can get  hectic!  It is so important we have an amazing time together, and also share the time  WHEN you would like!  An appointment is a great way to secure a fetish phone sex call.  I am alerted immediately once you fill out this form.

You only get TWO opportunities to miss an appointment! I  understand things may pop up at the office or you may have thought you had privacy and it turns out now you don’t.  Just remember, it is imperative you respect my time as a Mistress and schedule accordingly.


Chat soon….






Love, Carrie (Letter 1) Small Penis and Size Queens

Hi, I am hoping you might keep my identify confidential?  I am responding to your “Love Carrie” post. I think you are taking questions possibly?  My question relates to penis size.  How much do girls care about it?  What is your opinion on this and what have you heard from girlfriends if anything? . . . → Read More: Love, Carrie (Letter 1) Small Penis and Size Queens

Julie’s Panties II

I was so nervous, standing naked before Julie but the more she giggled and sneered at my tiny penis, the harder I became.

“Well, it seems since you enjoyed snooping through my things…..” I interrupted her.

“I am so sorry Julie.  But…..”

“Shut up and follow me.”

Not believing what was happening, I followed . . . → Read More: Julie’s Panties II

Introducing…Love, Carrie

Love Carrie is something that happened by accident via twitter.  I look at things from a very sarcastic yet understanding point of view, if that makes sense.  MY personality isn’t easy to pinpoint, but it is always consistent.


Once a week I will answer an email from a fetish boy who is having . . . → Read More: Introducing…Love, Carrie

Julie’s Panties

There is something about panties that is erotic.  I know you are thinking wow, I’m a weirdo, but the truth is, I seem to have been “different” my entire life.  When I graduated high school, I went to visit with family in California. (I am currently residing in Maryland)  Not being too happy with . . . → Read More: Julie’s Panties

Because Your Penis Looks Great Under My Heels

Sometimes I think you take for granted how much of a pussy you truly are.  I get the fact you make a shit load of money, have a cute wife (who cheats on you by the way), and friends who adore you, but have you forgotten “I” know its a ruse?  “I” know that despite . . . → Read More: Because Your Penis Looks Great Under My Heels

My First Vibrator

If you follow me on twitter, I mentioned a bit ago about discovering my first sexy toy purchase! LOL


It was the right before the summer I discovered fetish, and you can read about that here. After saving money from my very first job, I wanted to experience orgasms on a grander level.  So, I was . . . → Read More: My First Vibrator

What is your Sissy Style?

Every girl has a different style, or in your case sissy style.   I will use myself as an example! I have a very diverse closet.  I pretty much build my outfit for the day around whatever activities I have planned.  Whether casual, sexy, black tie elegant, flirty (my favorite..wink), or professional there is a little . . . → Read More: What is your Sissy Style?

Miss Carrington Knows What You Need!

  The best part of our “friendship” is, you get to tell me about all your exciting secret fetishes. I totally love sissy girls, cocksuckers, sugar daddies, panty sniffers, cum denial addicts and more!  Always feel free to email me to find out if we have chemistry.  That is so important because if we . . . → Read More: Miss Carrington Knows What You Need!

My Purse is Always Full

When I was 19, this older guy stopped me in the mall and said I was pretty. Of course I wasn’t impressed about it. I mean, I knew I was pretty and figured he just wanted to feel me out and ask for my number. He also said, after my airy thank you, that . . . → Read More: My Purse is Always Full