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Love, Carrie (Letter 1) Small Penis and Size Queens

I am hoping you might keep my identify confidential?  I am responding to your “Love Carrie” post.
I think you are taking questions possibly?  My question relates to penis size.  How much do girls
care about it?  What is your opinion on this and what have you heard from girlfriends if anything?
I have always heard the term “size queen” but I have not heard many girls (really ever) talk about
preferring a tiny guy or small guy?  In truth are all girls size queens and some just more open
about it?  This is sort of the second part of the question – if a guy knows that in truth he is small
or even tiny and is interested in dating a particular girl – what is the best way to handle it?
Should he keep it to himself and hope for the best or will that make her mad in the end?  Lastly
do you or girls you know have true “minimum requirements” size wise?

Hi “J”,
Some girls don’t care about penis size, but I think those are the ones who have low standards anyway.  Any self respecting alpha female would not want a tiny clit massaging her clit, but more so a hard, long cock to satisfy her.  For some of us girls, it IS a secret oath to not say anything.  WE know when guys like to be “nice” to us because his cock is small.  So, we allow him to spoil us rotten and as a reward we ride his face or allow him to gawk at our perfect body.  Usually he jerks off later when we aren’t around.  He is after all embarrassed of his “shortcomings.”
If a guy knows he is small, he is pretty much damned if he is dating a girl out of his league.  That means, if she is indeed an alpha female, he will have to accept a few things.  Now, what those are, I won’t say here.  You can contact me personally to “chit chat” about that. wink
Every girl is different, but what I think you really want to know is does Carrington have a size requirement?  Dam right I do.

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“Shut up and follow me.”

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