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Calling all Cum ADDICTS!

There is something I have been meaning to pick your naughty brains about a few weeks now.


How did you feel about the time you got caught masturbating? *giggles*  I got busted masturbating in the handicap stall while at university. I assumed that wing of the building was “closed” and didn’t hear the maintenance lady walk in because my headphones were on.  I was watching a three way porno (guess what kind it was).  Anyway, she swung open the door to the changing room and one leg was propped in a chair while I was leaning against the wall…OOPS!

Let’s just say I didn’t use that bathroom for a while after…a longgg while 🙂





Are You Really Submissive?: A Femdom Perspective

 Guys (and girls alike), all have the same burning question when I disclose my sexy secret.  It starts off as a teeter totter of sexual topic I intricately dance around on perfect pedicured feet.  If its a new friend, I feel them out first.  I like to determine if their vibe discloses an air . . . → Read More: Are You Really Submissive?: A Femdom Perspective

“SHE” cock

Whose game for a round of kiss and tell?

Don’t be shy about it either 🙂

I know some of you have experienced or want to experience a well endowed shemale correct?

Nothing like rubbing your cocks together, deep French kissing, stroking and sucking until orgasm…….hmmmm


Miss Carrington’s Wishlist is Updated


My sweet, young ass is to be worshipped by you 🙂

I know, your peen is excited and eager to smell my panties or better yet…

You want to use your tongue— move them to the side and partake in my awesomeness?



I’ve updated my wishlist.




. . . → Read More: Miss Carrington’s Wishlist is Updated


I remember the first time I found out what masturbation was.  The concept for me at the time was rubbing my virgin clit gently until the friction caused waves of explosion through my entire body.  I remember the faint lightheadness and the “omg” expression after.  I was hooked.  From then on I wanted to . . . → Read More: Masturbation

Fetish Phone Sex Mistress Schedule

I’ve been battling a cold bug past few weeks so my availability has been scattered!  I encourage you to email me to schedule a fetish phone call if you don’t see me on!  Times I am available the remainder of this month are listed here.  This may vary due to my college classes . . . → Read More: Fetish Phone Sex Mistress Schedule

If I Told You….

I wanted to kidnap you….


Put you in panties….


suck my lovers HUGE c o c k?


Lick the bottom of my feet


shrink you so I could swallow you whole


place you over my lap for a stern hair brush spanking


taught you how to be a . . . → Read More: If I Told You….

Fetishes Mean More Than Orgasms

I remember the first time I told a guy to rub my feet.

It was freshman year of college.  I knew he liked me.  It’s not as though he was going to say no.  Although my intentions were a bit jaded, I wanted to see how far . . . → Read More: Fetishes Mean More Than Orgasms

A Question for All Submissive Play Pets..

When did  you realize being subservient to an alpha female was your key to happiness?


There is a part 2 to this blog, but I would love responses first.


Controlling When you Ejaculate

My ass makes your cock hard.  You keep staring at it, massaging the growing bulge in your pants.  My smile taunts you a little, and you wonder if it’s because I think you are  a pervert or I like the idea of you getting excited looking at me.  Long dark hair, slender waist and big . . . → Read More: Controlling When you Ejaculate