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I’ve been tossing the idea of this blog around for a while.  I am finally able to write frequently again, so this is a wonderful way to reintroduce things.  *smile*

Limits are something we all have. From our personal to professional lives, we want to incorporate limits to ensure our experiences are pleasurable and run smoothly.  Sometimes, the people around us will resent those limits, because let’s face it, they don’t fall in line with what THEY WANT.  Which brings me to this point.  Once you request a session with one of the wonderful ladies of LDW, you will be excited, and ready to explore all your naughty ideas!

However, what happens when you call said Mistress and she doesn’t like your fantasy?  You are bummed and feel cheated.  With hindsight, you may feel you are paying for a good time, so it is HER responsibility to oblige you.  Yes, this is true but would it be ok if she took said attitude?  For example, if you enjoy talking about stinky feet and socks, is it ok for her to force you to suck cock?  You would immediately inform her respectively, “I don’t like that Mistress.”

You let her know this was a limit you would not be willing to explore.

On the flip side though, if you are feeling super horny and say “Mistress, I want you to suck cock with me in this fantasy,” and she says no, could you embrace it?  I always suggest one of the amazing ladies available if there is a fetish I don’t care to explore.  It is so important every one of you have a mind-blowing experience.  It doesn’t help the situation or make for a great session if you coerce your fantasy or strategically engineer it after your Mistress has declined.

Now that is out of the way…..have you been a good boy today?

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Helen’s Drawer

For the years I have known Helen she has always been a bit of a bitch towards me.  Our marriage hasn’t always been the best but for the most part we “partner well.”  I can count on her to handle her portion of the household responsibilities while I work.  I do rather well for . . . → Read More: Helen’s Drawer

Hello My Fetish Darlings!

*blows dust bunnies*


Hey guys!

My goodness have you all missed me as much as I have missed you?

Princess has been away but is now ready to play again.  In case you forgot I enjoy

Sissy Girls



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Your Love of Panties Began When???

I can be pretty random at times which falls in line with my witty personality!  I have a question for crossdressers and sissy girls alike:

When did your love of panties begin?

At what point did the soft feel of satin against your balls stir something inside you?

I can’t wait to see your . . . → Read More: Your Love of Panties Began When???

Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

The irony of most men are the dirty secrets they keep to themselves.  You masturbate thinking of sinful things that you know people will judge you for.  I suppose the enjoyable part of phone sex is the anonymity.  I welcome fetish addicts to contact me with their most . . . → Read More: Cuckold Husband Submits to Dominant Wife

You Love Looking Up my Skirt Pervert

 A few nights ago, I went to a wine event hosted at a friends house.  It was coed, and there were a lot of husbands there with the wives.  You can imagine the sneers Goddess received since I was scantily clad in a strapless top, zebra print mini skirt; hair pulled into a bun . . . → Read More: You Love Looking Up my Skirt Pervert

Love Carrie Mail!

Dear Carrie,

I would like to remain anonymous.  I was worried about still being a virgin at the age of 30.  Do you think it is normal and does having a tiny 3-inch penis play into it?  Just know I feel worthless and have no self-confidence because of this.



Dear Tiny,

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Sexting With Princess Carrie


When I lived with my parents, they were very nosey, so I found creative ways to chat with submissive “admirers.”  They were older than me and loved being useful to their bossy brat! Older men fantasize about me seducing their MILF wives and becoming their key holder.  Oh, you didn’t know?  I love being a key holding Mistress to . . . → Read More: Sexting With Princess Carrie

Why Are You Submissive?

It’s simple but, will say a lot about you.  Why Are You Submissive?

I posed this question via my twitter a few days ago.  If you are a follower, I love having fetish polls.  It’s a way for me to connect with the audience and those who follow me.  I also learn exactly what . . . → Read More: Why Are You Submissive?

Sissy Humiliation Day!

It’s no secret how much I love sissy girls, (and sissy humiliation).  I like it when they work extra hard to be feminine and graceful.  They ask for advice on fashion, read information on how to properly take care of their girlish figure, and cock sucking.  Today is International Women’s Day in case you . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation Day!