Oh, I wonder how many men will read this blog with utter disbelief Princess would dare suggest a thing like this!  I mean of course you have never considered sucking cock.  Even though you sneak off to glory holes and sit in the parking lot to think about it.  You may even browse gay personal ads on apps swiping left, and swiping right on men whose penis would melt in your mouth.  There is just one problem.  You are married bitch boy.  You want to be gay so bad.  You want to feel a cock deep inside of you.  You realize, you can’t leave your cover, which is your wife.  So, you have the great idea things would be better and you wish your wife could grow a penis!

wish your wife could grow a penis

Cock is What You Crave

One of my callers is married and hasn’t had cock in a while.  He avoids sex with his wife, who is pissed he won’t put out by the way.  She doesn’t realize her husband is a ball sniffing faggot and her pussy isn’t on the agenda.  I suggested he suck cock, but I forgot to ask, what if his wife could grow a penis? Wouldn’t that be a solution?  After all, you have men who love transgender girls.  A pair of nice tits and a long, stiff cock to satiate his cock cravings would make him happy right?  So many men want to leave their marriages to run off into the night as a pink cock sniffing bitch.  He just sits around all day daydreaming of penis and how he would take it in every hole.

Wife Grows Penis Fantasy

Do you wish your wife could grow a penis?  Imagine waking up to her inside of your sissy ass before you went to work every day?  You wouldn’t need to jack off to gay porn in the office or handicap stall of the men’s bathroom at work anymore right?  Your wife’s huge cock is always available and who knows?  Maybe the more you suck it the more it grows. How fun would that be?  It’s a wonderful idea to a huge problem you have in your life right now.  Deep down you are gay, don’t like sex with your wife because she doesn’t have what you need.  Getting a divorce is easier said than done. For these very reasons, it is why you are reading this blog.  You are horny and now need to fulfill your bisexual desires with an orgasm.  Not so fast stroker boy.  I control when and how you cum.  Besides, you love me so much you finished reading this blog.  Schedule your appointment here if you don’t see me available.

I want you horny, naked, and on your knees when you call.

Faggot. 🙂