It may catch you by surprise I know your secret.  You are happily married with what seems like a great life on the surface but there is more to the story.  You see every night before bed, you head over to your favorite gay porn website to get your fix.  Having an orgasm isn’t the plan.  As you watch those hard cocks rub together and slip in and out of manly holes you are edging your faggot penis so you can have sex with your wife and cum.  You don’t want her vagina. What you really ache for is a tight male anus to leak semen inside of.

Secretly Gay But Married

Being secretly gay but married is something you have mastered.  You sneak off to suck and fuck cock whenver an opportunity arises.  Your wife wants to have a romantic evening at home, but all you can think about is your lovers cock filling your holes.  You watch porn while in your man cave and jack off to twinks, group sex, hot muscular men and more.  Everytime you see a hot guy at the gym you think about being on your knees sucking his cock.  You want him to ask you to join him in the shower so he can bend you over and fuck your faggot hole.  What would your wife do if she saw her amazing husband getting a nice pounding?  Hmm??

You Don’t Like Vagina Fag

I know you don’t really like vagina.  It may ease the tension of your balls but is it what you really want?  Secretly gay but married men convince their wives how much they like anal sex.  While she is bent over taking your cock, you are pretending she is the guy you met at the bar last week.  You fucked him in the back of his truck in the parking lot.  Humping his hairy asshole telling him how much you loved stuffing your meat in his taco?  I know your secret lover boy.  All the men in your family think you are such the big boss due to your fancy job and alpha personality.  What they don’t know is you like slurping cum from huge penises and kissing your wife when you get home.

It’s Time to Face the Truth

Isn’t it time to stop jacking off to threesome gay porn just to fuck your wife?  Don’t you want to experience a hot and sexy encounter where you can truly be yourself?  I am Princess Carrington ball sniffer.  I will explore all the dark corners of your perverted mind and you will thank me for it. This is a judgement free zone.  I know how bad you want to tell your wife you are a faggot.  She would never look at you the same and your cover would be blown.  No, your cover should not be blown.  It’s important you learn how to be the best semen sipping tunnel diver you can be all while having the best orgasms of your life.

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